About Johnny Dickerson

by Mary K. Dickerson


Johnny was born January 18, 1950 in Dallas, Texas.  He was exposed to the automotive business from an early age through his dad's various businesses which included mechanical and body shop, towing service, salvage yard and a used car lot.  When Johnny graduated from Garland High School in 1968, he was found for A & M College in Commerce, TX.

Just two weeks after his high school graduation, his dad passed away of a sudden heart attack, very similar to the way Johnny passed away.  Due to the devastation of his dad's death, Johnny postponed college until he could help his mom with the business decisions that had to be made.

In September of 1970, the Army decided they needed Johnny.  He was drafted and stations in Ft. Hood where he stayed for one year and served as a personal driver for a high ranking officer.  When that dream job ended, he was sent to Korea to drive a truck at a missile base near Seoul.  Fortunately, the draft was ended in six months and Johnny was discharged and returned home.

In October of 1973 Johnny married the love of his life, Mary.  Four years later they were blessed with a baby bow (Shawn), and in four more years Kevin was born.

After scaling back the business, Johnny agreed to manage the body shop and eventually purchased it and the real estate from his mom.  With the vehicle designs changing and becoming more technical, the need for continued training was a vital need.  At about that same time, I-Car courses were being developed.  Johnny began taking all of the classes I-CAR had to offer and eventually began training to teach classes.

As an early supported of I-CAR, over 30 years ago, Johnny became an instructor.  For the past 10 years, he worked full time as a member of the Field Operations team, and as a Performance Training Coordinator.  Johnny helped lead efforts to shift I-CAR's Welding Training & Certification courses to an in-shop event, kept the program up-to-date, and helped make the program the best collision repair welding program in the country.

Training and mentoring every I-CAR Welding Instructor, and always providing quiet, calm and knowledgeable support to those in need, Johnny earned the respect of the entire collision repair industry.  Always cheerful and available, he is missed by I-CAR and the entire collision repair community.

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Firewheel Golf Park

600 W Campbell Rd.

Garland, TX 75044

2016 Johnny Dickerson Memorial Fundraiser

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